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"Flirt" was one of the brands of biscuits made by Lefévre-Utile who gave Mucha a number of commissions over the years. Similar in use the the Biscuits Champagne poster, this was meant as a point of sale display, and was issued mounted on cardboard with two holes for hanging.

The implication inherent in the name of the biscuit is realized here in the discreet flirtation between a very coy maiden and a handsome gentleman, a scene full of ardent intimacy despite its outward decorum; one of Mucha's tenderest and most romantic concepts. It is always fun to look for the initials LU in Lefévre-Utile posters: here, we can find them on the girl's dress in profusion, and the full company name appears in the wrought iron gate behind the couple. Plus, there is a quarter slice of the biscuit itself in the lower left corner.


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